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Verum Tackles All Company Sizes and Issues


All of us at Verum gained much of our Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) expertise at Fortune 100 companies.  Along with those Fortune 100 companies we have also provided expert consultation for  mid-sized companies and individual business owners.  Many times, Individual business owners do not have the resources to sort through the complexities of EH&S issues, or only have expertise in one of these areas. Verum is here to leverage our EH&S management expertise to companies of any size.


In one case we were able to quickly help a business owner sort through the key drivers for an environmental cleanup that was ongoing on their property.  We answered questions such as:


  • Is the clean-up necessary?
  • Is the current system in place an effective and proper technology?
  • What are my options in negotiating with the regulatory agency?
  • Are there better ways to complete the clean-up?


Verum identified a more cost effective and timely solution to replace the original remedy that was in place.  This analysis was completed in a very timely manner for the business owner.


The bottom line is Verum can quickly and cost effectively help with EH&S issues for companies of all different sizes and complexity, from large corporations to individual business owners.


How can we help your company?

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